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If time is short, you can charter Sydney Sundancer for a ½ day cruise (minimum 4 hours) and harness the wind for propulsion, just like Captain Cook when he discovered the Whitsundays in 1770.

Although "Sydney Sundancer" is licensed to carry over 50 guests your hosts John and Lynne prefer to limit the number to 25 guests to ensure everyone's comfort at all times. You will however discover that it is perfect for very small groups or couples too.

Guests will not only enjoy the pleasure of silent transport reminiscent of a bygone era: the age of sail that preceded the age of steam but also participate in the action by helping trim the sails as Sydney Sundancer effortlessly glides through the turquoise seaway. You can even take the wheel and experience true "big boat" sailing on smooth seas. Captain John will plot the course in waterways where the islands provide shelter from large waves thus maximising everyone's enjoyment of their ½ day sailing experience.

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“Sydney Sundancer” is real micro expedition ship built to conduct extended voyages to remote and remarkable locations.   The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority (the government body that controls all activities within the Marine Reserve has granted “Sydney Sundancer”  a Long Range Roving Permit enabling it to visit unique locations where most most other charter boats are not permitted.  Lynne & John proudly advise that they specialise in conducting “Expedition voyages for discerning explorers  who want to learn about the only living structure on Earth, that is visible from outer space!”