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Holidays with the kids can be the most rewarding experience, especially when they are old enough to appreciate the wonders of nature. We have found that as there is so much variety in each days' activity, that children rarely get bored.

An aspect of the holiday that is often overlooked is the shared learning experience. Both parents and children can explore together. There is a whole wonderland of nature to discover, ranging from bush walking, following in the tracks of Captain Cook on uninhabited Islands and snorkelling over colourful coral reefs together with hundreds of friendly fish, which is a most rewarding experience and whole families can learn from Lynne a Master Reef Guide, and also from the huge reference library aboard featuring all of the marine life of our eighth wonder of the world.

There are, of course, times when parents just want to relax. The silica white sands of magnificent beaches provide an ideal opportunity while children happily amuse themselves spending hours building sandcastles or playing on the shoreline. Parents will, however, be aware that their children are their responsibility at all times, even though the wonder of the Whitsundays provides the ultimate in relaxation and enjoyment.


The shared fun and enjoyment, can truly be appreciated in the words of a few of our guests:

"Thank you Lynne and John for the most wonderful week aboard Sydney Sundancer. The experiences we've had with the kids have been truly exceptional. Seeing the Whitsundays and the reef with people who know it so well and love it so passionately makes all the difference. It is such a rare privilege to be able to do these things at all, but to do it in such luxury is something else. Thank you again for making our holiday so special."
David- Sydney - NSW

"I have been dreaming of returning to the Whitsunday's for the past 20 years and finally did it with our 3 boys! It has been such a thrilling week and the boys have loved every minute as much we have. Thanks for the marvellous hospitality and I will try very hard to recreate your culinary expertise with help with your "Gourmet Sailing"
Michelle Quinn (Victoria)

...and another from a French family:

"Thank you Lynne and John for making this experience very special for us and our kids! This was truly a beautiful family holiday - we weren't sure that the girls, being so young, would love it so much! They will have so much totell their friends back home! As for us, we were delighted to spend time on Sydney Sundancer, enjoy your company and share all the secrets of these beautiful islands. Thankyou Lynne for being such a fabulous cook and John for entertaining the girls at all times! It was hilarious. I am confident that our holiday with you will remain in our memories as fun, happy and full of great surprises!"
Laurence, Sebastien, Jeanne and Violette (Hong Kong)

And the following are typical of the many comments written by children themselves in our guest book:

"I like Albert and I caught 2 fish!"
James Pont age 6.(UK)

"Whitehaven was fun. Albert was neat too!"
Gabe Nelson Age 12 (USA)

"A great cruise I will always remember. Thank you for this wonderful week."
Sarah Le Masson Age 12 (France)

"Thank you Lynne and John for the best week of my life! Your cooking is great and I loved snorkelling and jumping off the side of the boat. Love
Maddy Age 8 (NZ)

* Albert is the nickname given by the locals to a very large Maori Wrasse
living in one of the bays!

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“Sydney Sundancer” is real micro expedition ship built to conduct extended voyages to remote and remarkable locations.   The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority (the government body that controls all activities within the Marine Reserve has granted “Sydney Sundancer”  a Long Range Roving Permit enabling it to visit unique locations where most most other charter boats are not permitted.  Lynne & John proudly advise that they specialise in conducting “Expedition voyages for discerning explorers  who want to learn about the only living structure on Earth, that is visible from outer space!”