Gourmet Sailing...
delicious dining aboard the Sydney Sundancer



The daily breakfast is your choice of a variety of fresh fruits, cereals, yoghurts, jams and piping hot toast together with freshly brewed ground coffee (not instant!!) or your choice of teas including English and Irish Breakfast, Earl Grey, or herbal, served just the way you like it!


Lunch Examples

Indulge in a variety of delicious lunch dishes aboard the Sydney Sundancer.


Entrees & Nibbles Examples

All evening meals are preceded with drinks at sunset served with a daily selection of delicious entrees and nibbles which may include:


Dinner Examples

Dinner aboard the Sydney Sundancer celebrates the best local produce on offer.

We have found that with our selection of entrees and main meals, guests prefer not to be served sweets, however, for the sweet toothed, Lynne can create any number of desserts on request.

Following the evening meal, freshly brewed, ground plunger coffee (decaffeinated available) or a large selection of teas and herbal teas, can be complimented with Cappuccino coffee beans, Orange Brandy coffee beans, Pecan and Honeyed Chocolates, Guy Lian Shell Chocolates, chocolate peppermints, and a variety of ports, dessert wines and liqueurs from our extensive wine cellar. A cheese platter with a delicious variety of Australian cheeses, is also available on request, both for after lunch or dinner.



"What a fantastic, exciting, relaxing and fun filled week. From all the things we had never experienced before, to the perfect food, cocktails and champagne - not to mention the expert seamanship and humour of the crew."
Richard and Therese Norgard - Australia

"A wonderful chef! A brilliant skipper! We were willingly enticed into a whole new world and adored every minute"
Athalie and Luigi Bazzani (wine maker and 3 hat chef from Victoria)

Gourmet Sailing

In response to decades of requests for her recipes enjoyed by guests during their cruise, Lynne has published a cook book entitled  "Gourmet Sailing...delicious dining on the Great Barrier Reef ...and other delights" in which she has included in the publication her favourite images of our activities taken over the last 30 years (which are the "other delights"  in the cook books title) 

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